How to germinate cannabis seeds correctly

Germinating cannabis seeds is a delicate matter. The germination rate of seeds immediately sown in the ground is below average. Before planting marijuana seeds, they must first be germinated, which will achieve almost 100% germination, and a gentle sprout guarantees vigorous growth.

There are many germination techniques. Moreover, every experienced grower has probably already developed and applies his own know-how, complementing and improving the ways of how to germinate cannabis seeds simply and effectively. The shelf life and storage quality of cannabis seeds play a significant role in seed germination.

D. Sanches method
To avoid problems when germinating cannabis seeds, we recommend using the simplest and most commonly available method. It will allow you to germinate cannabis seeds at home in 1-2 days. This is the so-called “D. Sanches ”, named after the surname of its author.

This method proves once again that all ingenious is simple. This is a great option for germinating marijuana seeds.

In order for the root to “hatch” from the seeds, it is enough to have at hand:

Two large clean new kitchen sponges;
Sealed plastic zip-lock bag;
A glass of clean, settled or filtered, but not boiled water;

The technology boils down to a sequence of several simple steps:

marijuana seeds are evenly distributed in the center of one of the sponges, after which they are covered with a second sponge;
the resulting “sandwich” is poured with water from a glass (100-150 ml) so that the liquid evenly saturates the sponges;
the moistened sponges are placed in a prepared plastic bag;
before you seal the bag hermetically, you need to exhale warm air into it (firstly, heat, and secondly, carbon dioxide intensifies the germination process, and thirdly, the seeds in the bag will have a sufficient supply of oxygen);
the sealed package is removed for a day in a dark, warm place;
after the specified period, you can check the result (as a rule, this is 100% germination of high-quality fresh F1 seeds).

X method
Another simple and easy to implement, even in the absence of any skills whatsoever in working with marijuana seeds, is method X (claim method). Many growers consider it the best solution to the question of how to germinate hemp seeds correctly, and recommend it for beginners.

You will need:

Tap water (chlorine is allowed, and even encouraged, which will have an antifungal effect);
Cotton pads;
Plastic food container with a lid.


Hemp seeds are placed in a glass of tap water for at least a day; during this time, the shell softens, and the seeds are saturated with moisture;
After the seeds have swollen and drowned, and sometimes opened up, releasing a tiny root, a cotton pad moistened with water is placed on the bottom of the plastic container, the seeds are laid out on it, and then covered with a second moistened disc on top;
The container is closed with a lid and is sent to a warm (24-27⁰C) dark place for 2-3 days, playing the role of a greenhouse;
After the expiration of the term, a fairly long root should already appear from each seed.

Method for germinating hard-like seeds

How to germinate cannabis seeds correctly, which, due to their variety, age or storage conditions, have a minimal chance of shedding their shell and releasing the root on their own? A simple method will allow you to solve the problem, for the implementation of which you need to stock up:

Pure water with a pH level of 5.0-7.0;
Hydrogen peroxide;
Glasses and plate;
Cotton pads or foam rubber 3-5 mm thick;
Plastic bag.
The essence of the method comes down to “clicking” the seeds before soaking. The sequence of steps is as follows:

Each seed needs to be bitten a little. To do this, the seed is placed with an edge on the tooth, after which it must be slightly bitten until it clicks. This will mean that the shell is cracked. Note that this method is risky, there is a possibility of damage to the seeds;
A solution is prepared from water and hydrogen peroxide: for 1 glass of water, 3 tablespoons of peroxide. The solution must be well shaken and aerated, pouring from one glass to another several times;
Prepared seeds are soaked in a glass with a solution for a day or three. During this time, the seeds will swell and, possibly, embryos will show through the crack in the shell, but there is still no need to wait for a root from them;
With the help of a toothpick, holding the seed between the thumb and forefinger, the softened shell and green film are carefully removed, thereby releasing the embryo with a tiny root;
A new solution of water and peroxide is being prepared in the same proportions. Foam rubber is moistened in the solution (more preferable in view of its good air permeability, in contrast to cotton pads);
Foam rubber is well wrung out and laid out on a plate. On top of one piece, the embryos freed from the shell are laid out, after which they are covered with a second moistened and squeezed piece of foam rubber;
A plate with foam rubber and embryos is placed in a bag and sent for a day to a warm place (25-28⁰С). During this time, the embryos will demonstrate active growth and become ready for transfer to the ground;
Before placing the root of the embryo in the soil, use a toothpick to make a depression, preparing a place for a tender root;
The sprouts are carefully inserted into the recesses, watered with the same solution of peroxide and water, and covered with a glass to create a greenhouse effect for the first time (1-2 days).

Everything is simple enough. Now every novice grower will know how to germinate marijuana seeds at home. And so that knowledge is not wasted in vain, we suggest buying hemp seeds on our website.